Tuesday, June 1, 2010

memorial tragedy...the loss of a beautiful boy

This was supposed to be a nice, cool, summer memorial weekend that ended in tragedy. A young boy, age 6 was killed this weekend in a terrible car accident. He was my sons little cousin. To say I am saddend is an understatement. I can only imagine what his mother is going through as this was her only child. The little boys father was the one driving the car. I don't want to put too much out there but needless to say he was a reckless person, with his life and obviously his childs. He is the reasson that his son is gone and I don't think I can forgive him. I am so mad at him right now!! I am so mad I just wanna scream and tell him that it should have been him that lost his life but I know that is not the right thing to do and I wouldn't wish death on anyone. Its a shame that this is even the situation right now. I don't ever want to see him or speak to him ever. I am certain he will go to jail and I pray that he does because he needs help. His sons mother has now lost her only child and will never feel complete again. His parents, who through all of this have had nervous breakdowns after losing their first grandson. It hurts for them as well because they know all of his trials and the things that he has done and they still couldn't help him. I will not leave out any other family members because everyone is hurt and troubled by this situation.  Its unbelievable.
He was the sweetest boy who loved to play and smile. He had so much to live for and didn't get a chance. It's not fair. I am so sick, truly sick!!
Its a shame...his father was given second chance after second chance to do it right and he still has to sacrifice his sons life to learn a lesson.
Well  I hope that he has learned the lesson because he will never get to see his son again and will only have what last memory they shared before the incident.
I wish this on no one, not even my worst enemy. I pray that his mother will find peace and be able to regain her life and all of those involved as well.
If ever any of the family should come across this blog...I pray you strength to get through this tough time. The road may be shakey ahead but find faith and trust in His word. I really don't know what else to say but He was loved very much and will be missed even more.

Rest in Peace Jaeden  forever in our hearts. 5/31/2010.


  1. Such a tragedy indeed!!!! I graduated with Jaeden's mom!!! I pray that God will give her and the entire family the strength that they needs to make it through this trying time!!! I never met Jaeden, but I know he was his mother's world!!! My heart aches for her...since I heard the news, I can't stop thinking about it!!! God bless!!!

  2. I was at the scene of the accident. I was driving a few feet behind Jaeden's father and I saw the vehicle cut across the median. I also saw Jaeden during his last minutes of life. I did all I could do to help and tried to calm the children down and prevent them from moving until the ambulances got there. I was really disturbed by the scene and it will never leave my heart and mind. My prayers go out to Jaeden and his family. He will forever be a part of my memory. Jaeden's death will not go in vain. I was never a "seatbelt" person, but since the accident, I make sure I buckle up everytime. Jaeden has helped me see the light. He is in God's hands and feels no pain. I pray for the family to have strengths during these trying times, but honestly I don't know how I would react if it were one of my kids. Regardless of his Jaeden's father's seemingly selfish act, pray for him too. Our father works in ways that we will never understand and hopefully many more will be touched by Jaeden's life.

  3. I too was at the scene and like fredlocks2k did all I could to calm down a victim and prevent him from moving. I am devastated by this tragic accident. It didn't have to happen.

    I'm glad to say the I always wear my seat belt. I know people who refuse to wear seats belts for one reason or another. How stupid is that. Seat belts save lives and I only wish Jaeden was wearing it along with the others.

    I will never forget that day, but am thankful God gave me the courage to jump out of my car and help someone.

    Jaeden is with God now and will forever be young and vibrant. We will see him again. RIP, Jaeden!