Sunday, May 23, 2010

Give good service???

So me and my homegirl went to this restaurant that will remain nameless and our waitress we shall call her  "Burma" like a Burmese Python. Anyway, it was dumb empty in the place and she comes over and introduces herself and proceeds to take our order. Since we had about 7-10 minutes to figure it before she got to our table, so we knew what we wanted to eat and drink. We proceed to tell her our order and she moves friend forgot to tell her what she wanted to drink and Burma didn't bother to ask as she trotted away. When she did come back to the table she had my friend's house salad that she ordered and then told me that the 22oz Killians that I ordered with my meal they were out of. She proceeds to bring me the regular 14oz beer....gee I really was wanting the 22oz...but no biggie. She takes my friends drink order ...listen closely now..."a pear maragrita on ice with salt". Sounds yummy right??? I know I thought the same.
So my friend gives me her salad because she really didn't want the salad but had Burma heard her when she tried to call her 3 times she would have known she gave it to me and I gladly ate it. It wasn't the greatest house salad..the croutons were stale and it wasn't mixed together..I mean the tomato was on eastside of the bowl, the croutons were on the northside and their was cheese on the west...the lettuce was just in the middle claiming no side. While I was handling the salad Burma came back with her drink...some red looking thing in a tall glass with salt dripping down the sides and a big ass orange slice on the rim....What in the grapeseed oil was this?? We both looked perplexed she tasted it she realized this definately  was not what I ordered and besides it looks like the Berry maragarita that was advertised in the picture. So Burma strolls by and my friend tells her that she doesn't want the drink because its not what she ordered and Burma's response was...wait for it...wait for it..."oh maybe she used too much syrup". I was dumbfounded..really Burm that's the reason?? Is that was they tell you to say in training?? Come on dude you can do better then that. So my friend orders a Killians like me and Burm strolls to get that. She has now pushed the "pear margarita with too much syrup" to the side and I have finished as much of the salad as I am going to eat. I push my bowl to the side as well for Burm to be able to take it on her way. She finally comes back with our food and she leaves the finished salad bowl and the 2 empty beer bottles and the fake ass pear margarita on the table. This is annoyig because the waitressing for dummnies says that you should always move the dirty dishes from off of the table especially when you serve the patrons their food. So I was a little bothered by that but wanted to see how many times she was going to attempt this magical feet of remmoving the dirty and empty things from out table. She came through at least 3 times and still didn't bother to touch a single thing! Amazing...she should read the book! So I was finishing my meal and Burm gives us the check..she still manages to charge us for the fakes ass pear margarita, which by the way shows up on the receipt as a blackberry maragarita....$6 goddamn dollars too. So she comes back and my friend says to her "can you take this off because I didn't drink it and its not what I ordered" she says. Burma's response...."typically they don't refund alcohol but I will check with my manager." Now mind you, as all of this is going on it still as dry as the sahara in there and for some reason 4 folks in the open kitchen area seem to be staring at us the entire time. My friends back is to them when I mention it and tell her to turn around...soon as she did the littlest one turns her head quickly so as not to be noticed..."OMG Billy, she turned around and looked at me...why are they staring at us?? We were staring at them..quick just walk away" So we laugh at them and Burm comes back and sits the bill on the table "sign the top copy he took it off" and strolls around the corner. What the heezy is wrong with people we are thinking??  What kind of service is this???
Ok Burm I know as a waitress in this state your hourly wage is low as in most states but um if you gotta work for your tips imma need you to do that so don't feel bad that your tip may not be the percentage that you want it to be. I mean at the end of the day ask yourself...was my service up to par? Did I do the best that I could? No Burm you didn't ..we were not rude to you or gave you any shit and yet decided to act "a way" towards us in the one area that you are judged on so take your tip and deal with it! I won't discuss the amount but I thought that the amount given was too much cause she wasn't even worth it! Its all good because we won't be back and I will be sure to spread the word to all my peeps NOT to go to that place because they don't know how to give good service!

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