Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh what things I have seen...

okay so let me just tell you 2 strange things I saw today...Strange thing #1...I was leaving work. I'm driving along, minding my own business and I see from afar this guy without his shirt on... swinging it in his hand.  I already know from the first spotting that its gonna be a rough site to see. So as I roll closer to him, I look and I am shell shocked! Taken aback if you will.
This dude hand fuckin boobs!! I am talking like a B cup or a full C. This was no joke. And see from the back of him you wouldn't suspect boobs and definately not of that size. It wasn't in the way he walked or anything. But you caught that side view!!??? Man O' man you could have an accident! It was amazing to me that I am pretty sure I said under my breath in a whisper, " that dude got fuckING boobs!!
But back to the real problem with this...HE didn't have his damn shirt on! I mean I absolutely detest seeing dudes without their shirts on doing things like walking to the bus the hood. I mean your not even like playing ball, or working out, or construction, or something outdoorsy where you would sweat BECAUSE YOUR WORKING!!! It wasn't even that hot outside for him to even just be hot from walking...I am conFUS-SED. Its just strange to me, I mean for example...That weird video with Romeo rapping with no shirt on and a backpack...on his back??(I can't remember it right now but I will you tube it and find out).
I mean who does these things. Just standing around a bunch of dudes with no shirt on and a backpack on your back. That's not cool. Now you got these dumb little kids out here thinking its cool to do...It's disgusting..STOP IT!!

Strange thing #2...On the home in the darkness of 9:43pm. And I out of the corner of my left eye, I see this guy running/jogging (a little bit of both) and it looks  like he has jeans on....I giggled to myself a little, and yall know why...its just plain weird! But anyway, I roll up further and see he really does have on jeans and a black t-shirt running/jogging. He is not in a hurry but he definately doesn't want to be late. It is dark and he is black like a good solid black, with crazy looking hair. I am out in the county full of white people and he is running/jogging down the jeans??!! I mean REALLY??!! Who does these things??!?!?!?Outside of that I was so dumbfounded because he was so dark that if you didn't have on headlights you would hit him. For sure... No doubt...I am so sure that the folks were a little frightened at first glance because I myself was a little Taken aback to see someone so bold and daring. I mean he could be running to just get home cause he has to take a dump who knows, its just not an everyday thing in this area and I was quite befuddled.
I mean its got to hurt...its a dude in jeans running/jogging. No matter how baggie the jeans, your balls are swing a little sumthin, sumthin. I mean that would hurt for a girl!!
I just don't get it?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Memorial thank you's...

I just want thank those that left messages about Jaeden. He will be truly missed. It still seems so fresh in my mind for me. I look at my youngest child, who was Jaeden's cousin, and I get to see his face everyday and I get so emotional because I could not imagine not being able to do that everyday. I feel so much for Trice and just wish that I could take it all back and make it so it never happened. Its not fair but I understand God's will.
Since the accident and then the funeral I still cannot stop thinking about the situation. For those that were at the scene I cannot imagine that you could ever be the same after seeing that. Thank you for sharing your comments and memories and words.
Not to take anything away from his parents... To Trice, I pray your strength everyday. As a mother I cannot imagine the pain in your heart. You and your family will always be forever in my prayers. To Marcus, I am still mad at you but I am human. I pray your strength as well. Its bad enough that there was a loss of life but to know that you somehow fit into the equation can only crush your heart because you will have to live with that for the rest of your life. You and your family will also always be in my prayers.

Beef in my Maryland Crab Soup??

ok so today at work I was feeling a way. Not sure why or what but I could feel that there was an anxiety growing in my chest. I even said to a co worker I feel like I am gonna cuss somebody out today! Again not sure why but it was a feeling. I stepped out at lunch to go to the bank and came back soon. I only get a 30 minute lunch so I ran upstairs to the "cafe" to grab something quick to eat. I ordered a small cup of md crab soup. I sat down with my friends and ate and talked. As I was eating I noticed a big chunk in my soup. At first it was covered with the crab meat and I thought it may have been a piece of crab meat from the claw. Upon further review (a closer look) I saw that the consistency was not right for my initial thought. So then I am thinking maybe its a beef bouillion cube...not sure why it would still be whole in the soup since it was hot it would have dissolved. I am basically forcing myself to not believe what I believe it is in the bowl....a chunk of beef. Now outside of the following: being from Baltimore, MARYLAND and having never been anywhere here where they have made md crab soup with beef chunks or known anyone to add this to md crab soup I was baffled. the problem is that I don't eat red meat at all and haven't for 20 years! So there in lies the problem....
I asked the lady in the cafe, who by the way I know well, if it was beef and she said yes, I always put beef in my crab soup. So needless to say I was pissed! I have had her crab soup severeal times and didn't run across any beef chunks and I know several others that have enjoyed the soup as well and never come across beef chunks. I threw away my $3.13 lunch and left to go back downstairs. My pressure was very high...I was hot all over my body I felt like I was on fire. I was pissed to say the least.
The joy in having a cafe in your office is being able to CHOOSE what you want to eat. If there had been a sign or something posted that stated there was beef in the md crab soup I would have CHOSEN another item...see kids you can make your own choices!
I know that I am not the only person in the entire building that doesn't eat red meat so it could have been anybody And I don't expect her to cook the food based on what I eat or don't eat...all i am saying is post it somewhere.......
the other issue that was later brought to my attention was that the soup from yesterday was beef and barley.....coincidence???? One can say yes maybe...I am not saying that they used left over B&B soup because I can't but I'm just saying...coincidence????
I was hot for the rest of the day...super pissed. I did have a little nausea and when I got home I just slept it off. But oh what a day.....I love my job and the cafe because I get to have a CHOICE.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

memorial tragedy...the loss of a beautiful boy

This was supposed to be a nice, cool, summer memorial weekend that ended in tragedy. A young boy, age 6 was killed this weekend in a terrible car accident. He was my sons little cousin. To say I am saddend is an understatement. I can only imagine what his mother is going through as this was her only child. The little boys father was the one driving the car. I don't want to put too much out there but needless to say he was a reckless person, with his life and obviously his childs. He is the reasson that his son is gone and I don't think I can forgive him. I am so mad at him right now!! I am so mad I just wanna scream and tell him that it should have been him that lost his life but I know that is not the right thing to do and I wouldn't wish death on anyone. Its a shame that this is even the situation right now. I don't ever want to see him or speak to him ever. I am certain he will go to jail and I pray that he does because he needs help. His sons mother has now lost her only child and will never feel complete again. His parents, who through all of this have had nervous breakdowns after losing their first grandson. It hurts for them as well because they know all of his trials and the things that he has done and they still couldn't help him. I will not leave out any other family members because everyone is hurt and troubled by this situation.  Its unbelievable.
He was the sweetest boy who loved to play and smile. He had so much to live for and didn't get a chance. It's not fair. I am so sick, truly sick!!
Its a shame...his father was given second chance after second chance to do it right and he still has to sacrifice his sons life to learn a lesson.
Well  I hope that he has learned the lesson because he will never get to see his son again and will only have what last memory they shared before the incident.
I wish this on no one, not even my worst enemy. I pray that his mother will find peace and be able to regain her life and all of those involved as well.
If ever any of the family should come across this blog...I pray you strength to get through this tough time. The road may be shakey ahead but find faith and trust in His word. I really don't know what else to say but He was loved very much and will be missed even more.

Rest in Peace Jaeden  forever in our hearts. 5/31/2010.