Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cookie Cutter

So I was watching this "Black is Beautiful" show on BET. It was an episode where Cookie Johnson aka Magic Johnson's wife was on there marketing her CJ jeans. So I was very interested because she had some cute styles and I am a black woman who does have the 'can't find a good pair of jeans' issue as most of us do. They did a great job selling me and probably all of the other black women watching the program. They even did an audience make over on a woman that had no style...according to her and her best good girlfriend.....I finally got a chance to google her and see what the bizness is cause I wanted to get a pair of these oh so cute and fittin jeans.....ok head on collison.....she doesn't have her own website for her collection...ok not all designers do when they have been picked up by select stores to carry their product....but then again they still have a place to show THEIR stuff for real. So I was a little disappointed in that but then I looked at which sites were coming up on the search: Neiman's, Nordstrom, etc. So high end jeans line I am thinking..this wasn't stated in the show. She said "affordable line of jeans for black women" I know we are in a recession and all but damn for real?? So I click on Nordstroms because the other N name is not currently in my budget...well neither is Nordstroms right now...hahahahaaa but I can get to that one quicker then I can the I digress...I click on the link and promptly get where I want to be..or not...$110, $117, $141??? WHAT??!! eh hem as I clear my throat. Are my eyes deceiving me??? What in the Hell is affordable about some $100 jeans?? We are in a recession and we are black and most of our bank accounts have been in a recession for a minute...especially if you have kids and are a single parent...Now don't get me wrong I have paid $100 bucks for some jeans but I had a $100 bucks to spend. And generally its not something I do on theregular because I have 2 kids so my money goes to them but it was my birthday and I wanted to get something nice for myself. Anyway.... Just not seeing the value in this woman yet. And not too mention there are all white women modeling the jeans....So how am I as a black woman supposed to relate to this?? The point that she made was how hard it was for "us" to buy/find jeans that fit our curves ..hips, thighs, butts...So I am supposed to determine by flat Becky's that have no hips, thighs, or butts that these will be the perfect fit for me??? I don't think so Cookie...You sold out....You came on there so pro hips, thighs and butts and pro everyday women affordable and to my surprise I can only get them from a high end retail store and if I choose to purchase them online I can't even look at a true fit model that looks like me to determine how they will fit on my hips, thighs, and butt!! i guess for now she is just like the rest...entertaining her market. I know you gotta do what you gotta do but don't get my hopes up that I can sport these cute ass denim selections that will cover all of my curves but for a price...maybe...

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